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Agni (AG-nee) is one of the five tattva (elements) forces of nature in Hinduism. Agni tattva is associated with the manipura (solar plexus) chakra, which is the center of personal power and inner fire. Unleash this inner fire and weave your magic through this fiery cake to transform it into a piece of art, just like the quality of Agni!


YARN DETAILS (per skein):

50% cotton 50% acrylic

Each Fingering weight yarn cake is 1300 m long
and each Sport weight yarn cake is 1000 m long
with or without Shiny Lurex

We ship through registered shipping, under normal circumstances we deliver in 2 weeks.
Please allow 2-5 days to make as these are custom made.
Ships from Europe.


Please note all dye lots vary and due to monitor variances, your set may vary slightly from what's pictured