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Sexy Cool Wool Snow

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Our chunky SEXY COOL WOOL is soft & super-easy to knit or crochet with. #makesomethingbeautiful SOURCED WITH LOVE: THE WOOL IS NATURAL, BIODEGRADABLE, & SUSTAINABLE. MAKE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!

Needle Size:  10mm & UP 

Content: 1 skein

Weight:  200g

Yardage: Approximately 87 yards 80 metres.    

Manuosh is a brand based upon community and sustainability whilst maintaining timeless aesthetics. From day one, we wanted to create fun, chic, and glamours products for the modern day crafter made in a eco friendly manner.

This ideal flows through our “Hand made with love” philosophy, from our mega yarn in a rainbow of color-ways. Our products reflect our curious and optimistic approach to the world, and we like to think of ourselves as the “Willy Wonka” of yarn, little surprises at every stitch. Whether you call it Eco, Ethical, Sustainable, Green, Conscious or Responsible – ultimately it’s about creating and designing beautiful products with a thoughtful approach. Our products are designed to harness the beauty of nature -to enable a pure and sustainable product.